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Running HELIOS Sessions

Waking Up the Core

When not in an active session, the Core goes to sleep after 2 minutes and needs to be woken up with a shake/flip motion (e.g. like flipping a coin from heads-to-tails). After the wakeup, if a session isn't started within 2 minutes, the Core will go t

Starting and Stopping a Session

To get started you'll want to tap the Start tab in the HELIOS App which is an orange circle with the while HELIOS logo inside. Next you'll select the type of session you want to run. There are three types of HELIOS sessions, summarized below:. Next t

Syncing Session Data

After a session is stopped, the HELIOS App will automatically attempt to sync that session. In order to sync this time the iOS or Android device running the HELIOS App must remain close to the Core for Bluetooth connectivity and must also have intern