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Starting and Stopping a SessionUpdated a year ago

To get started you'll want to tap the Start tab in the HELIOS App which is an orange circle with the while HELIOS logo inside.

Next you'll select the type of session you want to run. There are three types of HELIOS sessions, summarized below:

  • Game - use this for your games.
  • Practice - use this for your normal practices.
  • Skills - use this when you're focusing on the details and not skating at speed (e.g. stickhandling, shooting, skating mechanics sessions). Skills sessions are not included in your Rankings by Birth Year.

Next the App will look to connect with your Core over Bluetooth to start the selected session type. You will see the RED dot while not connected turn into a GREEN dot once connected and a START button will appear. If you are not seeing the GREEN dot after a few seconds, confirm your Core is awake and nearby.

Press START which will be followed by a 3-2-1 countdown.

CONGRATS! Your session is started. Time to hit the ice!


  • During the session your phone doesn't have to be near your Core performance sensor. 
  • The Core stores all the results locally to be synced later when you stop the session.
  • For example, many players leave their phone in the locker room while out on the ice. 
  • It is okay to let the HELIOS App go into the background on your device. Just don't quit it.

At the end of the session, you can bring the HELIOS App into the foreground and press STOP to complete the session and start the syncing process.

CONGRATS! Your session is stopped. Time to sync and view your results!

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