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Troubleshoot BluetoothUpdated a year ago

If you see a Bluetooth symbol with white exclamation point in a red circle in the top right of the Activity tab like below, this article is for you:

To work properly the HELIOS App needs:

  1. Bluetooth to be turned ON for your iOS or Android device running the HELIOS App 
  2. Bluetooth permissions to be granted for the HELIOS App in the general settings of iOS or Android device

If either of the above is not setup correctly the HELIOS App will be unable to communicate with your Core performance sensor. To fix this, first confirm that you have Bluetooth turned ON. 

If you still see the symbol, you should check the app permissions. For iOS, go to the iPhone Settings (gray gear icon) and scroll down to HELIOS in the list of your apps. Confirm that the settings and permissions match below including the green slider for Bluetooth.

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