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Team SetupUpdated 2 months ago

To use HELIOS as a Team, there are initial setup steps for the Coach and Players to complete. 

These steps must be completed in the order listed below.

  1. Coaches download the HELIOS App (iOS or Android) and set up their Coach profile(s)
  2. Coaches email [email protected] to link the Coach profile(s) to the Team on HELIOS
  3. Players download the HELIOS App (iOS or Android) and set up their Player profiles
  4. Players open up their Core sensors and follow the on-screen instructions to pair it to their profile if they haven't already
  5. Coach scans each Player's profile QR code to add them to the Team tab
    • Note: the scan is from phone-to-phone using the Profile > QR code feature in the top left of the screen as shown below. You need to enable Camera access for this step.

  6. Coach now updates each Core in the HELIOS App under Profile > Settings > Devices > Software Updates 
    • Note: it is important to complete both of the below steps after Step 5. This is best done with the Cores in the team charging case
      1. UPDATE FIRMWARE: this button updates the Core to the latest firmware
      2. UPDATE CONFIG: this button configures their Core to join team sessions
  7. Finish charging all Cores on the individual wireless charging pads or in the team charging case
  8. All set! The Coach can now start the first team session
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