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Parent Profiles for Multiple PlayersUpdated a year ago

A Parent profile allows you to set up a single login to view and run sessions for multiple players in your family. Once a Parent profile is created, two or more Parents can be logged into the same profile (email and password) on their individual smartphones (e.g. a different parent at the rink each night of the week using HELIOS).

To get started launch the HELIOS App and use the JOIN NOW feature to setup a Parent profile using a new email and password. 


  • If you're currently logged into the HELIOS App, you will need to go to Profile > Settings > Log Out first.
  • Be sure to use your Date of Birth as a "parent" when setting up a Parent profile to avoid an extra step through age verification and parental consent.

Once inside your completed Parent profile, there are two options to add Player profiles for your child players:

  1. Email-less Player Profile - these are created entirely within the Parent profile. Use when your child doesn't have their own smartphone or tablet running the HELIOS App. In this case they won't be able to log into this kind of profile except with your Parent login (email and password).
  2. Player Profile with an Email - this kind of profile allows your child to have their own login (email and password) to access their individual Player profile on their own smartphone or tablet. If you already have an existing login for a Player profile for a child, you can just link it under your Parent profile by scanning the QR code on their profile tab of the HELIOS App. 
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