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Pair Your Core SensorUpdated a year ago

To complete setup and unlock the full HELIOS App functionality, you need to pair your HELIOS Core performance sensor. Tap PAIR HELIOS CORE to get started.

Tap the Core on your screen and CONTINUE, then START PAIRING.

A popup will request permission to use your camera to scan the QR code on the back of your Core performance sensor. Align the label on the back of your Core in the white outline which will auto-trigger once the app sees the QR code.

Choose a Name for your Core (or accept the default name) tap NEXT then DONE.

Lastly, follow the prompt to update your Core firmware to the latest version using the UPDATE FIRMWARE button.

Note: the UPDATE FIRMWARE button remains after successful firmware update. You can confirm your version with the GET CURRENT FIRMWARE button and that the date in the first line of the pop-up matches. 

NICE WORK! You're ready for your first session.

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