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How-To: PixellotUpdated 4 months ago

Follow the below steps to generate your Instant Video Highlights for a game recorded on Pixellot. 

During the Game - these steps are done inside the HELIOS App.

  1. During the game, while running the session in the HELIOS App, tap the TAGGING tab.
  2. At the moment the puck is dropped to start the 1st, 2nd or 3rd period press the corresponding button to live tag the puck drop event. Note: you only need to live tag a single puck drop event for the game to make it compatible for generating shift videos.

Post Game - these steps are best done on a computer. 

  1. Login to the HELIOS Dashboard (Note: use the same email and password as the HELIOS App)
  2. Select the Game from Recent Sessions
  3. Click Add Session Videos
  4. Select Pixellot from the options for video format
  5. Paste the Pixellot YOU video link and click SUBMIT
  6. Instantly watch or download your highlights on the HELIOS Dashboard or in the HELIOS App!
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