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How-To: LiveBarn VideoUpdated 4 months ago

Follow the below steps to generate your Instant Video Highlights for a game recorded on LiveBarn. These steps are best done on a computer. 

  1. Login to LiveBarn, locate your game and download all the 30-min video segments that cover the complete game. (Note: Do not change the filenames and you'll need LiveBarn Premium to download 30-min video segments)
  2. Login to the HELIOS Dashboard (Note: use the same email and password as the HELIOS App)
  3. Select the Game from Recent Sessions
  4. Click Add Session Videos
  5. Select LiveBarn from the options for video format
  6. Click Select Files and select all of the LiveBarn segments (downloaded in Step 1) for the Game and click Upload
  7. Instantly watch or download your highlights on the HELIOS Dashboard or in the HELIOS App!

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