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App SetupUpdated 4 months ago

Once the HELIOS App is installed on your iOS or Android device, you will complete a few onboarding steps to setup your Player, Parent or Coach profile.

Important Notes

  • The first time that the App launches there will be two pop-ups asking if you allow the app to Send You Notifications and Use Bluetooth as shown below. It is important to allow both of these for the proper app experience.
  • Android users need to have their phone's Location setting turned ON for Bluetooth to work properly.

As a new user tap JOIN NOW to begin setting up your profile.

Above - popups when first launching the iOS App

Enter a preferred login Email and create a Password.

You will be emailed a 6-digit Confirmation Code that you'll enter next to verify your email.

Choose a profile type - PLAYER, PRO, PARENT, COACH


  • PLAYER profiles are intended for players who will be wearing the HELIOS Core performance sensor.
  • PARENT profiles are best for grouping multiple HELIOS Player profiles under a single parent login.
  • COACH profiles require Team setup by HELIOS. Email us at [email protected].
  • PRO profiles are for professional hockey customers and require a password.

Next, enter the Date of Birth (DOB) and Name for the profile you are actively setting up.


  • If you selected PARENT or COACH for the profile type on the last screen, enter the DOB and Name for the parent or coach. 
  • If you selected PLAYER for the profile type, enter the DOB and Name for the player.
  • Player profiles for users under the age of 13 years old will require an additional step to email a parent or guardian for consent. Once consent is granted the app will proceed with the next steps.

Review the Privacy Policy and ACCEPT to move forward.

For PLAYER profiles, select their Position:

CONGRATS! You've set up your profile. 

  • If you setup a PLAYER profile, you can now pair your HELIOS Core performance sensor.
  • If you setup a PARENT profile, you can now scan an existing PLAYER profile or set one up for your child.
  • If you setup a COACH profile, contact HELIOS to complete the setup for your Team by emailing [email protected].
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